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April Mac Chat


I hope everyone is keeping well during these challenging times, I’m currently working my way down the list of DIY jobs my mum has given me to do. Before she gives me anymore I thought I’d give you an update on everything else I’ve been up to this month. If you would rather watch an update than read one then you can go check out my latest vlog on YouTube, just click here.

If you’ve already watched my vlog you’ll know that last week I went over to Northern Ireland with the team to test my superbike for five days. We went to two tracks during our visit, Bishopscourt and Kirkistown. Although it was cold and windy it was still really good fun to get back out on a superbike again and meet up with the guys in the team. Unfortunately the test was cut short due to the latest pandemic, so it looks like it might be the only short circuit riding I’ll be doing for quite some time now.

Though we are struggling with lock down like the rest of the country, Taz and I are very fortunate to have a small piece of land at the back of our house where we ride our 125cc bikes. We are making the most of this time to hone our off road skills. If you follow Dad on Twitter you will have seen that he’s created a lighting system for the start finish made out of an up-cycled gazebo, used kitchen light bulbs and an extension lead (boredom has truly set in since there’s no Monopoly coffee stickers to be collected).

As I find myself with more time than usual I’ve decided to film more video content for YouTube. I kicked it off with a vlog in Ireland whilst testing and I’m keen to do some more. I thought it might be useful for me to pass on some of the knowledge I’ve acquired from racing and instructing on track days over my lifetime by doing some track day tuition videos as well. If you want to see my first vlog its linked above, if you find it interesting and want to see some more please make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon so you get notified when I post on there. If anyone has any ideas or requests for videos they’d like to see, I’d love to hear some suggestions. 

As far as racing gossip goes it’s obviously very quiet at the minute. The latest I’ve seen is that UK tracks are going to be shut until at least June/July time but the way things are going it could possibly last even longer. Very scary times for everyone at the minute, hence why I’m trying to diversify myself a bit by doing some YouTube stuff. 

I’m sure this will all pass soon and we can return to having some motorbike racing on the tv. I’m currently looking for any excuse to get out of Mums list of chores so feel free to reply with any questions.

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That’s it for now, if there’s anything else you’d like to be included in these monthly updates then let me know, I’ll be back in touch at the end of April. Stay safe everyone.